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The BEST golf clubs from Japan!?

In this video

In this video we look at some of the best golf clubs to come from Japan! For many years Japan has been looked upon as the best producer of forged golf irons in the world. Is this stereotype accurate?

And which of Japan’s golf club manufactures make the best products. Is it Honma and the TR20 driver or irons?

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  1. To my knowledge, Honma TR or TW line up with designed with a default profile such as a 105g shaft or lighter, which may not suit a stronger player like you. Basically, I'm saying the Honma iron heads are usually too light – at least that has been my experiences with Honma.

  2. Currently gaming previous Honma irons. Mixed set of Rose Proto and 747V. Coming from forged Mizuno set, Honma irons feel so much better. No doubt. Also, they perform so well.

  3. I don’t know what Kasco is doing these days but they made some excellent products back when I was working as a rep. They had a ball called the Rocket which I still believe was the longest ball I have ever hit!!

  4. Hi – Other Japanese clubs you should maybe check out are "Fourteen" which Ernie Els played with for some time and famous in the Far East but not the west is EPON. They make the best wedges ever. You mentioned Tiger played with Miura – but I heard the wedges were EPON ??? Another brand is PRGR – Corey Pavin used them for 3 years. For all the golfing anoraks out there check their websites…
    I spent a lot of years in S.E. Asia and many of the women pros play with Honma.
    The biggest Japanese company not mentioned is Bridgestone. Freddy Couples has played with their clubs for years. The best Driver I ever had was a Bridgstone. The down side to these clubs is the price.

  5. Are the P forged now. The 717p were cast so curious to know if these new TR20 are forged. I know it says forged but is that just the face on the P and a cast body or is the full head forged. Thanks.

  6. Fujimoto, Kyoei, Seven, and Epon are on the same level as Miura as the pinnacle of Japanese forging craftsmanship. Each company has their own focus, for example Epon focuses more on cavity backs and game improvement irons; Fujimoto and Seven focus more on the aesthetics of the design; Kyoei imo makes the best wedges.

  7. Hi Finch, I started golf at age of 47 years old and now it has been 2 years. hahaha pretty old to start the hobby. I use Honma BeZeal, I love it because the club face is bigger and easier to hit. I didn't realised golf is not an easy game. I had tried few iron from leading brand but I can't hit it well. I think Honma is the best because it very forgiving and make me enjoy looking at the ball flying high. I have Taylormade now but still love my Honma.

  8. I still have their early 90s Hiro Honma BIG-LB 3 wood with 4 star titanium carbon shaft on it.
    Still the best 3 wood I've ever used that shaft feel is amazing at times it feels as soft as persimmon 3 wood.
    My dad still play the Hiro Honma LB-606 irons.
    Their older clubs makes all the new high tech AI developed clubs feel like garbage.
    That premium prices gives you the best feeling clubs in golf,if you value looks and feel over performance numbers then Honma is the shit you can't get enough of there's a reason my dad never changed his irons for 25 years.

  9. Started gaming Miura CB 57s last year and they are butter AF. They punish the crap out of you if you mishit them but nothing like them on a pure strike. Unbelievably soft feel but they really jump off the face. I haven’t lost any distance even though the lofts are really weak. PW, 9, 8 are 47, 42, and 38 for example. You get tons of height and spin so they stop on a dime.


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