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PUTTING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS and PRO GOLFERS, Mark Crossfield talks putting tips for golfers from beginners to professionals.

Improving your putting and lowering your golf scores is a skill most golfers can improve and work on.

Making sure you are using the best golf tips, golf drills and golf instruction to get rid of those nasty 3 putts is key to your success.

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  1. I saw a good tip for us 'head turners' – put a coin or small tee on top of the ball and watch that when you putt instead of the ball. It works for me!

    More putting videos please!!

  2. Best thing I ever purchased (well top 10) was a putting mat I can use at home. Drew a chalk line on it and it comes out once or twice a week. The nerves I felt over a 3 footer on first green of a medal are gone and I am saving so many pars by holing from 8 feet. Also, putting practice is very relaxing; who knew!

  3. Does the cost of the putter actually make a difference or is it all just branding? Struggle to see how a £100 putter can make much difference to your game than a £20 one from sports direct

  4. Could your daughter benefit from a “Brooks Koepka” approach to putting. It seems he lines up the putter slightly toe side to compensate for an out to in putting stroke? I know it’s more of a band-aid then a cure, but it seems to work for one of the best in the world?!?!

  5. I don't have a ( Twitter ) account, I don't want one. I do follow you on YouTube, so I take it I can't win the putting helper stuff, but I'd rather not have a chance of winning than have a twitter account. My loss, my opinion, but still a very good video post Mark, thanks.

  6. Ironically, I watched a video today with Brad Faxon giving putting tips. He said he learned from Ben Crenshaw that they both liked to move their head while putting. He also said they both liked to feel like their legs move while putting. He said he doesn’t like to feel frozen while putting.

  7. Very underestimated part of the golfing game that I would say most of us don't practice enough. I would have thought Finula's putting stroke would have been in her DNA, you being the putting God and all.

  8. This video was a clear ploy to get her to clean her room. Very very clever parenting move there Mark.

    Great video btw, I have the ramp and will be looking to get the mat for this winter.

  9. hi marc, what do you think of looking at the hole instead of looking at the ball while putting (after having set the club face into the right direction). i somehow have much better distance control when i dont look at the ball but look at the hole. i dont understand why that is.

  10. great tips – have had putt out mirror / gate for while now and love it improved putting for sure and recently bought matt and ramp too – love seeing putting videos


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