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Golf for Beginners

For those starting out on this great game here’s a selection of videos covering every aspect from choosing the right clubs, to swing fundamentals and learning how to score better.

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New 5 part video series ‘Back to Basics’. In these 5 videos Chris covers the basics from putting, chipping, bunker play, the swing and the driver. In this first video Chris takes a look at putting, how you should set up to the ball and then offers some methods of practice that can help you […]


PUTTING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS and PRO GOLFERS, Mark Crossfield talks putting tips for golfers from beginners to professionals. Improving your putting and lowering your golf scores is a skill most golfers can improve and work on. Making sure you are using the best golf tips, golf drills and golf instruction to get rid of those […]

Cleveland HB Turbo vs. Cobra T-Rail Test | Trackman Testing & Comparison

Cleveland and Cobra are both out with new game-improvement irons this fall and both feature unique, hybrid-like shaping and tremendous performance attributes for mid- and high-handicap golfers. Cleveland’s release is the HBTurbo, which constitutes the next chapter in what has been a successful iron franchise for the company, while Cobra’s new T-Rail irons represent its […]

Bunker Tutorial \ How to Hit Sand Shots on the Golf Course

Want to improve your bunker game? Here are my tips for how to hit sand shots on the golf course! I did a very brief lesson in one of my first course vlogs, and since then a more in-depth bunker tutorial has been one of the most requested videos. I figured it was about time […]

Easiest Bunker Shot Lesson | Golf with Aimee

Today’s bunker shot lesson will make your life easier than ever! Golf is complicated enough, I will show you how to keep golf simple, fun & effective! Try this tip & you will be amazed how great you hit your bunker shots! I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions please visit (Visited […]
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