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Robin Sieger

Robin is also the author of a number of personal development books including the international best seller Natural Born Winners (Random House), which has been translated into over 18 languages, and also turned into a No 1 rated television series for Scottish Television.

In 2001 he established the Awesome Eight Golf Challenge, which is considered the most exclusive golf society in the world (only three members to date), it required to play the nominated courses which make up the Awesome Eight Challenge: the highest, lowest, most northern, most southern, hottest, coldest, most difficult and greatest courses in the world. In the course of this adventure Robin got the world record for the coldest full round of golf ever played – 18 holes at -26C on 21st December 2001.

He is passionate about enabling people to create success by connecting to their personal and professional purpose in their lives.

Robin divides his time between Edinburgh and the USA, where he is based at The Concession Golf Club in Bradenton Florida, during part of the winter
He has played golf since he was four years of age and in the past three years became aware that throughout his golfing life, he had never really applied any real thought to the mental side of the game. When he did, his improvement was as dramatic as it was rapid. Robin’s extensive knowledge of golf history and the players who changed the game and set new records, as well as his work with major corporations, enables him to identify the keys to sustainable peak performance and success. He has brought these to areas of knowledge and experience to create the innovative and enlightening approach to mental mastery on the golf course, and other competitive areas.

He is a sought after teacher who travels the world seeing clients, giving clinics and attending corporate golf events.

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