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This video helps senior golfers or golfers who are less flexible learn how to improve their golf back swing.

Whether its more distance and consistency you are after with your driver or simply want to have a pain free golf swing then this golf lesson may really help.


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  1. Brian Butler

    Unfortunately Danny, many of my generation(born 1949) were taught to set up in the bum out, squat position, which had the effect of locking up the buttock, hamstring and calf muscles making a fluid motion into a proper turn almost impossible. A whole generation ended up not being unable to deliver the optimum energy into the ball.

  2. It would seem to me that one of the things that allowing the trail leg to straighten too much could very well result in the dreaded reverse pivot as well as “coming out of the shot” if the spine angle decreases. Perhaps it is a question of degree?

  3. Love the way you explain, things that I don’t understand for decades have been enlightened By you, esp the helicopter drill. The best teacher Danny!

  4. I sure like your videos. That said, nearly every other instructor I see on-line or in person, suggests that golfers should keep around 65% of their weight on their right heel during the back-swing.

    You seem to suggest that golfers keep more weight on their toes. Can you clarify this? – ie % of weight on L toes/heels and R toes/heels during the back-swing — and throughout the swing. Thanks

  5. Your tip has gave me a way up. Don't know how but a strange move of flattening my right wrist got into my takeaway and caused a lot of power leak and frustration for last 45 days. This vid and the one about tinging of club to prevent from falling down by its weight has helped me. I made stronger drives and more penetrating iron shots today. My caddy, who is my driver also was very happy about the distances I was getting and lesser stray balls in the deep rough. Thanks Danny.
    I follow only you as a teacher for my game.

  6. I have tried this club across the chest tip many times in the past. My problem has always been though that when I get to the top of the backswing and start the downswing my hands and arms always get ahead of my body so I'm basically throwing it from the top and I loose all my power. Any tips?

  7. Great video Danny, just had to go and try a few moves out in my breezway, I don`t think the wife heard the bang as i hit the ceiling stretching for a full swing, soon be spring lol

  8. Swing it like you're cracking a whip….which it is. Stop the vid at 8:35/8:36. Look at that shaft "whipping" through the ball. Feel the centrifugal force in your hands as the clubhead "whips" through impact.

  9. I've gained 10-15yds by clearing my hips in the downswing, but
    I couldn't understand why it wasn't always working.

    The concept of me forcing a hip clearance rather than it being a result of something else never occured to me.
    Thank you Danny.

  10. You really should write a book!-just so I can take it to the range with me. I struggled for 2 hours today trying to get my swing back after back issues, hand surgery and turning 60. I finally put the phone against the ball basket and recorded. I went straight back-balanced, good grip, and as I went higher my left arm started bending big time-almost 90 degrees-because Ive been fixated on keeping left elbow tucked in. Left arm not bending is basically impossible for me with the rt elbow in. I noticed yours moved away. I know it's against the Hogan commandment but didn't seem to hurt Nicklaus. Not suggesting let it go crazy-just move a little. I developed the ability to get things quickly straight coming down but it involved straightening the left arm. Since I can't do it with the same timing every swing-I hit fat, thin, pull, slice and some dead straight. It's not casting way to the outside and cutting across but it's like casting on plane-drifting out sometimes a bit and who knows where the club is going to be at the bottom. Your video was just perfect for what I needed to see.

  11. Tried this out Danny. For me who has a one plane swing the last piece of the backswing which involves the stretch at the end was difficult to perform without the upper body moving off centre towards the trail leg – not a good thing and with the tendency for the head to rise.

    What has been of great benefit from this video and your other video on foot movement and weight transfer in particular does enable the ball to be hit further. I do think that a further video would compliment this on the leg action of the left leg – the wrong action, often seen is the left leg bending too much towards the trail leg and possible reverse pivot. My movement, which I hope is correct, taken from your video, means the left knee moves slightly to the right and forward.
    P.S. I have implemented your guidance on bunkers with the Pete Cowan grip and also pitching which has transformed my golf greatly. I owe you many thanks. Unfortunately, reducing handicap is not easy, but knowing the technique is sound is a good start. Merry Christmas, Mike, Filey GC.

  12. As a senior golfer I have been puzzled why a lot of my partners hit the ball further with what I believe are inferior golf swings technically. I believe after watching your heel, toe staying centred video plus this one that I have concentrated too much on a stable base i.e. no lifting of the heel on the backswing and keeping the belt line horizontal that this has restricted my backswing. After all many tour pros also raise in height on the backswing, as you are advocating in straightening the trail leg on the backswing. Will be trying this out tomorrow on the practice field and will comment further. Thanks, you are the best instructor on the web. Mike.

  13. Danny: Great video. I have been practicing per your video and it works. Part of my practice routine is to hit those perforated plastic golf balls in the back yard using all the clubs in the bag. In the process I have made some adjustments that work for me. (And may not work for others). I am left handed so I keep my left foot back and out with my right eye on the ball. In addition I have found that allowing my right heel to come of the ground in the back swing helps in taking the club back and that the return of the right heel to the ground assist with the follow through. One mistake I make is in gripping the club to tightly in the palm with my right hand and and firing the head of the club at the ball with my left hand. If I am lucky this only results in a hooked but playable ball. If I am not so lucky it produces a lost or out of bounds ball. When this happens it is a welcome and immediate reminder to hold the club in the fingers and lighten up on the grip. I only say this because we seniors, that could never understand why we had to tell our children over and over again the same thing, for some inexplicable reason need constant reminders .
    Patrick J. Logan

  14. Great video Danny easy to understand put that down to a good teacher who knows how to put his point over. in layman terms Could you play with the tee peg in the grip?

  15. Just discovered your videos and look forward to taking them to the course. I'm a senior using a 3 metal off the tee, because I have more distance and accuracy then with a driver. I don't feel like my swing is different and I have tried different drivers. Maybe these tips will be the magic.

  16. Thanks for posting such a great lesson. I just tried this at the range, and I'm not sure about distance yet, but I certainly struck the ball much much cleaner. I had been having problems getting my long irons elevated and the shoulder turn did the trick. Thanks gain for a very clear and very useful lesson

  17. What a fantastic lesson. I tried it on the weekend and immediately felt the pop off the face of my driver. Once the energy is stored it is easy to transfer the weight to a full finish. This will benefit any golfer regardless of their age and ability. Who doesn't like to hit long straight drives.

  18. Thank you, Danny. I'm a newby senior learning golf. After this particular lesson, I've improved dramatically. Im now able to use 5w with good accuracy n distance. I hv not yet progressed to a driver but can't wait to try it out!
    You're a good teacher.


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