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On Course LESSON With SERGIO GARCIA | Me and My Golf

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On Course LESSON With SERGIO GARCIA – In this weeks Impact Show, we were invited down to Wentworth and given the opportunity to walk a hole with 2017 Masters Champion Sergio Garcia. While walking the hole, Sergio will give us an insight into his course management and the mental side of his game!


Mental Golf Mastery


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  1. Such an awkward gallery….this is one of the reasons I chose not to go on tour…(coupled with the fact I've never shot below 80)

  2. If you really think about it, with all he's gone through mentally and putting, it was really pretty remarkable he won a major, especially that late in his career. He even wrote himself off. Still one of the best ball strikers ever, just a great swing. Attitude yes, but it's not the worst we have seen. Having a decent year too, dark horse for champion golfer of the year?

  3. How many people knew Sergios reference when he said "one hundred and eighty" just by his tone after he got the yardage? HINT: In the sport they also say Ton80

  4. You can’t go far wrong with Sergio and Wentworth but unfortunately for me the shaky camera work was very off putting. Using some type of gimble would have greatly improved the viewing quality, otherwise great work gents.


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