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OH, MY GOODNESS! Golf Shot Fail Compilation 2019 Masters

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Starring Tiger Woods, Francesco Moliari, Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas, Zach Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Ian Poulter, Tony Finau, Adam Scott and more.

Just to make us all feel a bit better that even the great Pros can get it wrong sometimes….enjoy….


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  1. These are all examples why “expletives” are spouted, mumbled, or shouted during golf. Swearing is a long-recognized, necessary element of the game! but must follow the true spirt of golf, with respect for the game. In accordance with “Gentleman Rules”, all swearing should be done politely and in a timely manner, and never during another players shot. Nor, should one player continue lengthy swearing, forcing another player needing to swear, to have to wait. This holds true, only if the second player was last to hit his bad shot. In the event where several players hit undesirable shots from the tee, each will be allowed ample time to voice their personal distain for the game, before the game proceeds. The shouting of “Fore !” when required, should always precede swearing, not follow it. Naturally, a player should never talk, laugh, or in any way interrupt another player’s swearing. Failure to follow any of these guidelines, is considered a breach of etiquette and not in keeping with long standing tradition of the game.

  2. I've seen so many "amazing golf shots" compilations that THIS is actually a lot more refreshing than I thought it would be LOL… they ARE human after all….

  3. too bad a football rule does not applies in golf if a ball rolls back "forward progress rule" mark the ball where it stopped going forward before it began roll back lol


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