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NEW Taylormade P770 Irons Review

Looking at an early contender for best irons of 2020, the brand new Taylormade P770.


Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


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  1. You opened up saying this replaced the P760. Did someone relay from TaylorMade that these are a replacement of the P760? I would argue that the P7MC is a more logical replacement as both are Cavity Back and neither P7MC and P760 have the speed slot. If anything neither are a direct replacement and TM has split the P760 into two distinct categories. Players Cavity Back and Players Distance.

  2. I just purchased a mixed set of these 8-PW 770p with 6-7 790p….they are being customized with Nippon 950GH Neo shafts. I am a 10 handicap who hits the ball low, so I’m excited to have these coming to help increase my Apex allowing me to hold more greens.

    I was curious in the video you didn’t intentionally try to shape a few shots each way and see how that went or felt. What is your opinion on how “workable” the 770p’s are?

  3. Ended up getting fit for clubs last week thinking I wanted the 790's, but after hitting these I instantly fell in love. I hit them much better than the 790 for some reason. It is the first club fitting I have ever had and I was playing my grandfather's clubs previously as I just got into golf 4 months ago. I am a 12 handicapper and was previously playing the Ping i3 irons. A tremendous difference in the technology as well as feel, very excited to get them in. Great iron and worth trying out for sure!

  4. We definitely need a Mizuno HMB vs P770 comparison! I was fit into HMB but these look outstanding. I prefer to stay away from the mainstream brands but this could change my mind

  5. Just got my 770s today, currently play 2017 790s. I really don’t see any difference between the clubs at address, maybe the current model 790s are thicker than the originals? . Was hitting into a stiff breeze, 15 mph, here in West Texas, there is always wind, the 770s where noticeably more spinny. Will be taking the 770s to my course in central texas where the added spin and control may come in handy. Honest opinion I wouldn’t have bought these if I hit them first, not enough difference to warrant the expense. I will post a few pictures if I can figure out how.

  6. I’m undecided between the 770s and P7MC. I play off 15 and have high ball flight and currently hit a 7i 170 yards. Worried 770s be too high ball flight and not stop and P7MC I’m not good enough to use!!? Any advice please??

  7. Totally agree with your summary ear the end there….I'm not a high ball golfer, maybe partly because I play most of my golf on Scottish Links courses, and the swing has lent towards a bit of a shaft lean, and delofting to cope with the wind challenges……But after hitting the P770 today up against the P7.MC, according to the numbers the P770 were giving me a higher ball flight than the MC's, 4.5mph more ball speed than the MC's (118 v 122.5) with a 7 iron, 15ft higher peak height, 8 yard more carry with the P770 over the MC's, yet there's still some good feedback from the P770's, and I still think the better player could easily gravitate towards the P770's as well as the Mid handicapper or anyone who wants to retain some ball speed whilst looking for a good high launch window….I prefer the feel off the clubface of the MC's…But that's a whole different discussion…..For many a combo set of the P770 with MC's or MB's will work well, But for me, I think the performance differences between the P770 and MC's were too much, and therefore a straight P770 set would maybe be better suited to me personally……

  8. Hit the 7 iron at the PGA superstore. Amazing looking club, had tons of spin and felt real nice! Did I mention how good they looked…. I’m certainly hoping my fitter gets me into these when I buy a new set this year. Great video boys!

  9. Im an 8 HC right now. From your tests I think I could do P770s straight through, 4 to 9 iron(I like my Titleist PW), as opposed the blending my set. I play Mizunos now, and hit my long irons well, and my 790 UDI 2 iron nicely. Thoughts? Thanks!

  10. Hello boys. Question. I recently was fit for the bag. Tried a ton of clubs, 105 shots later the P790’s were a clear winner. 7-Iron: averaging 123 ball speed, 172 carry, 6900 backspin, 17 launch and 49 decent with a 102ft peak height. I’m a 10 hdcp. Purchased A-5 irons with Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 and crossline jumbo grips. A day later the 770’s launched. Would I be wrong to go back and try the 770’s to mix the bag? Say something like the 790’s 7-5 and the 770’s A-8? I’m thinking this would give me workability on the short game and consistency on the longer irons. Driver, 3W, 5W are SIM with Ventus Blue w/ Velocore 6 stiff. SIM 4 rescue with Ventus Blue as well. Wedges are SM8’s, 50F 8 bounce, 54D 12 bounce and 60D 12 bounce. TaylorMade Ghost Tour Daytona as the putter. Cheers. Love the channel!

  11. The P770s seems like a copy of the PXG 0211s but without being a progressive set. With PXGs current price drop, they are almost half the price for seemingly the same tech. Would love to see a head to head between the new 770s and the 0211s that have been out for just over a year now.

  12. Nailed it! I think you might have missed my category i.e. single figure handicap that plays maybe 1-2 times a month and likes playing blades. I have P790's in the bag and noticed a slight variance in the distances I hit them. This looks spot on so will see if I can get a fitting organised 🙂

  13. What are the odds of getting a P770 vs P790 video? Would love to see if there’s a performance difference when lofts are matched… especially in the long irons.

  14. So i've just recently started working with a coach to get better and more importantly more consistent. My goal is to get fitted (never been fitted. always used, used clubs) either over the winter or early next year. I was 1000% positive I wanted the mizuno forged irons. These irons honestly look better and is making me have second thoughts. But whatever I hit best is what it will come down to.


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