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Luke Donald: Mizuno Masterclass 4 / Bunker (Good Lie)

In this video

Luke Donald shares the bunker secrets that make him the world’s best sand player – and explains how he developed his skills.


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  1. 4 dislikes? Mystery that someone could t get something out of this and appreciate a free lesson from a top pro in his element rather than some YouTube guru.

  2. He has custom grinds on his wedges but his 60 degree has about 5 degrees of bounce. Tour pro's all typically have less bounce because they don't need as much of it. Whereas wedges off the rack aimed at weekend players will be around 12 or more.

  3. @GolfingWoody be careful when trying to make your swing like someone else's. what works for them might not work for you. everyone's body works in different ways to some degree. better to take parts of the swing like take away and downswing but make them work with your hip rotation. but i'm glad to hear it is working out well so far hopefully the progress continues in your game. good luck on the course man.

  4. Can't wait to try this out. Come to play where it all began for Luke and his brother Christian at Hazlemere Golf Club in Buckinghamshire, UK, set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – There's even a hole named after Luke – a Par 4 where he had a Hole in One at the age of 13. Garry Hartley – Club Captain at Hazlemere 2012.


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