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Luckiest Golf Shots Ever

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We look back through the archives to find some of the luckiest golf shots seen in European Tour history.


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  1. The wrap up at the end which suggested that golf courses might be extended to allow the golfer to then use equipment to hit balls further. That is never going to happen. More likely golf balls for Pros will be regulated to reduce the distance they travel, as manufacturers like to suggest that amateurs and use the same equipment as the professionals I think it is fairer to say golf balls have reached their limit for distance.

  2. On a Par 5 over 500 yards long I once managed to bounce off the cart path and then off a trash can onto the fairway, I got roughly 320 yards out of it. My second shot put me 15 feet from the green.
    Like the golfer I am I promptly turned it into a 7.

  3. I skulled a pitching wedge shot that took off like an Exocet missile, it hit the cloth on the flag, twirled a couple of times, and fell softly into the hole. The guys wouldn't believe how much "planning" I put into that shot for some reason.

  4. The first time I broke 80 I was on the 17th hole par 3 and yanked my tee shot into the woods. I thought I just blew my chance of a round in the 70s. But I heard a knock and my ball comes shooting out of trees and lands 5 feet away from the pin. I sank the birdie putt and held on. So lucky

  5. Aren't there any cool cats around any more? Couldn't just one of these men, after making one of these shots, turn to the gallery and dispassionately say something like, "I've been practicing that one"?


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