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The mercurial Spaniard, Jon Rahm, talks through the golf clubs in his bag


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  1. Wow he's a poster boy for Taylor Made. Sorry to hear he bought into their hype. Hopefully one of these days he'll switch over to a better brand, like Mizuno : D

  2. These "what's in the bag" series of videos are just awesome. Rahm, Finau and Lowry so far, keep them coming! 🙂 These are so insightful!

  3. If this dude assembled a golf bag of clubs right off the rack and won a PGA tournament that would be awesome. It would make alot of people think twice about getting fitted.

  4. Love RAHMBO future major winner for sure love that his clubs all look well used you kinda imagine these guys have like brand new clubs every week lol I play M6 irons love them hit them LONGGGGGGGGG

  5. Jon is such a fantastic player, loved hearing about his pref in his bag…. I also use a 37 inch putter 🙂 I got this Win jumbo grip dam feels good nice and upright and solid….

  6. Great insight to what Jon uses ,and a recurring theme here is that many pro's don't muck around with gear too much and use what works ,us amateurs seem more concerned with shafts and the latest irons .Think we could all learn something from this.


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