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This golf lesson shows you how to stop hitting behind the golf ball.

Let’s stop hitting the ball fat and start striking the ball first!


Golf Swing Test

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  1. Thanks very much Sir for the video…
    New problem I'm striking the ball first and getting good flight and distance…. but I'm burying the club face instead of a divot. My shots are great and I look like an idiot with no follow through and my club stuck in the turf lol

  2. Danny I used a couple of your videos to stop hitting behind it thanks! Getting my swing back in shape. But can you maybe do a video showing why a player might block a shot to the right, seemingly with no obvious mistake in the swing? Not a slice but a shot on a basically straight flight but to the right of the target line?

  3. I used this drill and what a transformation . I put club in front of the ball in my set up drill with my weight forward then back to set up behind the ball and then go . Hit some great shots but most of all real consistency . Much greater distance as club face a little de lofted . Its so simple but very effective and I'm 69 years old !!!! Thanks Danny

  4. Thanks Danny.
    What I meant about hands too high. Saw your video about going up in backswing rather than around (cause of my pull?)
    Tend to over backswing and get wild? Should I keep hands in backswing at shoulder height?
    Often think I should swing shorter and faster like my younger mates but it causes me to lose my tempo–thats why I pause at the top? Give that pause up as you suggest and 'sling' as u have previusly suggested? Ken B 75 years!

  5. Danny, love your detailed explanations and visuals. My only question is what is the best target for my eyes at address, the ball backside, top or front or ground in front? Thank you!!!

  6. Get video Danny, have always struggled to hit behind the ball correctly, first round after watching this was the best i have ever struck the golf ball!! Thanks

  7. Without a doubt, the best golf instructions on the Youtube. I have watched many instructors and your instructions are most precise and simple. Thank you so much.

  8. Thanks Danny, I started watching your videos and I am really surprised how clear and simple you explain the things. A lot of times they tell you "you didn't keep an eye on the ball" and the real problem is you focused too much on keeping your eye on the ball you forgot to keep the body moving. As soon as this COVID19 thing passes, will head to the driving range and try the inverse method!
    Thanks Danny, cheers from Uruguay

  9. Hi Danny, this is one of the best explanation videos I have ever seen. We have mats on our driving range. Can I still do the same steps on them as you are doing on the grass?

  10. Great instruction Danny, clear explanations and use of dissected swing motion examples, body and club positioning really illustrates completely, so extremely helpful. Watching correctly executed examples helps in my practice. Thank you

  11. Hi Danny. As I started playing golf in a late age (57) I simply don’t "own" the skills to lean forward or turn my body at impact. My body simply refuse it and it’s gettin quite awkward. Therefore I fprefere my woods in nearly every shot. Especially my ladies 9-wood. Only when I get to 80-90 yards from the green I use my irons (9-P-W)

    Practicing the drill by taking the turf after the ball is a thing that the pro’s do (and all coaches here). I don’t know anyone in my local club who can do it. Probably the same problem that we didn’t start playing in the age of about 8-10.
    I avoid the irons because I’m trying to take the ball pure but with that result that I chop in the ground 3 of 4 times before the ball. The 4-iron is only to get under a branch or something.
    My question is would it be a benefit to replace my irons with the utility-ones? I’ve tried the hybrids but I think the irons have more stability in direction when I use them from tee at par-three holes.

  12. Danny, great video. Quick question…should the iron at the address position be in line wit hthe zipper on your pants or should the hands be a little more forward? Thanks!

  13. The fat shot has got to be the # 1universal exasperating part of golf! Thanks for sticking with us on this Danny. In my dreams I have thought of picking the ball off the turf perfectly like Jay Hass.

  14. Wow! I can't wait to get to the driving range and practice this lesson. But I'm trying to imagine how to address the ball. Do I still focus down behind the ball or just in front of the ball before the swing motion?

  15. Yes this was a good video Danny I think it might help me understand why it seems like the club has been slipping under the ball not necessarily hitting behind it so much almost like your clipping the tee instead of the ball but the balls on the ground. I put the ball up in my stance like a driver with a nine iron for instance and I was hitting it pure so after watching your video that tells me I need to be on that left side more thank you.

  16. Danny, great video. This helped me tremendously. Was ready to quit golf but you have restored my faith and at least some of my shotmaking. Starting take divots in front of the ball instead of behind it with irons, hybrids and woods. Now how do i hit my driver 20 m0re yards.
    bob Garafola

  17. Good grief Danny! You should be on golf channel. Your chipping video did wonders for my short game (just put a 40 yard lob wedge 3 feet from the pin over a bunker yesterday) and I’m excited to put this weight drill to use. I’ve videoed myself and I am holding dead still in my transition in a desperate attempt to not hit a fat shot. As you have pointed out, that doesn’t work.

  18. "You are probably staying a little too still over the golf ball…." That would be why my weekend round with friends was a disaster. The worse my contact got, the more still I tried to stand to stop the dig. It was a terrible downward spiral. Thanks for showing me how to work on this problem and what to look out for.

  19. I am a right handed person who plays golf left handed and I feel my greatest problem is too much right hand hence an over the top swing with a great slice.

  20. Best video lesson I've ever had! Not only has it helped me not to hit behind the ball, but has created the lag that I was unable to find. Thank you sir!


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