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HOLE IN ONE Challenge | Vokey SM8 Review

In this video

In this video Rick Shiels PGA Professional heads out to Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa to see if he can get a hole in one with the brand new Titleist Vokey SM8 golf wedges.

Titleist Golf are known for their golf drivers, golf irons, golf putters & their Titleist Pro V1 Golf ball however they are arguably most well known for their Vokey series wedges.

Rick Shiels reviews the Vokey SM8 wedges from around the green for lob shots, chip and run shots, pitch shots and bunker shots. Rick then heads onto a par 3 to hit 50 golf balls to see if he can get a hole in one!

Are the Vokey SM8 better than the Titleist Vokey SM7? Will they help you to chip in more often, lower your golf score and improve your handicap?


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Comment (44)

  1. £160 is ridiculous for a bit of cast stainless steel polished up, no wonder there's a lot of snobbery in the game. Seriously at £15 each you would still be being ripped of for what they actually would cost to make. A lost was casting for these would not be more than £5.

  2. Ive got a few black wdges and i only play 10 times a year outside and there silver on the face, i wonder if that messes with the spin when the paint falls off

  3. I challenged my 15 year old daughter to hit a floating green on a lake in the resort where we were staying last week. The green was about 3m x 3m and was about 120 yards away. We played twice a day for 5 days and by the end she was only just missing it using a 6 iron. She had never played before. I am hoping she keeps her interest. She said I am a good teacher but she is a good student and listened to the advice.

  4. What a shame we didn’t really get a proper in depth review of these wedges. As charismatic as you are, the actual club analysis is what golfers want and a personal ‘hole in one’ comp doesn’t do that, because they are flukes. It’s a bit of self grandiosity? A direct comparison with sm7 side by side, with proper stats, and advice on how the grinds/bounce are effected by the new tech of SM8, would have been more useful to prospective buyers…….could you do it again, and properly please, as no one else has access to them.

  5. Those wedges look lovely. I'm new to golf so maybe my opinion isn't as valid as most…. But some golf clubs appear to be victims of market spin – Too much emphasis on pretend developments and busy designs make the club heads look messy. These… Are a breath of fresh air. I may consider buying one of these in the future. As it is, my bashed up Bridgestone 60 degree wedge is still serving me well. Good vid, Rick.


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