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Golf Trick Shots | Legendary Shots

Wesley Bryan and George Bryan are legends!

We teamed up with our friends the Bryan Bros for an epic combination of basketball and golf! All of us had a blast making this video, and we are especially grateful for Farmlinks Golf Club for letting us use their course and facilities. Seriously, they gave us each a personal golf cart to use while we were there, how awesome is that?!

And thank you for taking some time to watch this video. It really was a ton of fun to make and we really hope you enjoy it. We have a lot planned, which I know is said a lot but like, we have A LOT planned, some of it’s already filmed and will be released shortly. We are changing the stereotypes you think you know about trick shots! You won’t want to miss it!


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  1. So according to these comments dude perfect owns the whole trick shot part of YouTube and if you make a video with trick shots your copying dude perfect makes sense…


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