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Golf ball test Taylormade TP5 Pix range.

Mark Crossfield is doing a golf ball test on the new golf balls from Taylormade golf. Taylormade TP5 Pix golf ball features a new unique pattern to help improve your golf.

Mark is testing both the Taylormade TP5 Pix vs TP5X to see which golf ball is best for you.

Is the new Taylormade golf ball one of the best premium golf balls on the market today, Mark tries to answer with comparison data of golf ball spin, golf ball distance and golf ball carry numbers from his Foresight QC Quad.

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  1. I just switched to the tp5 pix version from the Pro V1 and have been super impressed. I gained some quite impressive distance numbers over a few days of testing against the Pro V but did notice some cover issues. But at $29 US a dozen for the 2019 version, it's fine — great ball. I tried the tp5x when it first hit the market and didn't like it but really like this newer tp5 version.

  2. Hi Mark, love the review. I've been using the TP5's for quite a while (even back to the Penta TP5). I love the back spin, although spinning off the green sometimes is a pain. I'm only on my second TP5 Pix ball now (before that just using the normal TP5's), and have thought that each of the two balls has stayed actually in very good shape after 3 full rounds each (different to what you experienced). However I found the opposite with the TP5 yellow which was totally scuffed after a single round. I don't use the lining up for putting (a line doesn't seem to help me sink more putts), but the pix certainly helps me identify my ball more easily on the fairway (or in the rough) which I actually really like.

  3. Hey Mark, I play the Tp5 currently, I wouldn't use the pix because it's too busy for my liking.
    I like using the tp5 cause it wears well and offers the spin and feel around the green, which is what i want.

  4. Game these balls consistently, the alignment is wonderful. The wear and tear is one huge negative to be honest, but I don’t think there is a better ball this year because of the alignment for me.

  5. Interesting point about ware, Mygolf spy indicted people were seeing more ware with home golf set ups hitting into nets etc, and the fact that you hit more shots than normal. Not a TM fan myself so not sticking up, just wanted to add that point as a variable??? Other than that detailed review

  6. If I played Taylormade I wouldn’t use these, for some reason the ball looks like it is laughing at me. I’m also a bit shocked at the amount of wear. FWIW I don’t use lines to line up I find them distracting. More premium ball tests please! One way to ensure comparison between the many tests you would generate is to have a control ball manufacturer that you always use so that the large number of tests don’t have to be squeezed into a short period of time and so become onerous.

  7. Love the format of these videos especially the way the data is presented. I’ve just started playing with the TP5 and have noticed the slight wear issues in comparison to chrome soft that I was gaming. Getting a noticeable gain on driver carry.

  8. I've found using these really helpful, I struggling with alignment off the tee and I've used the markings to help with my setup and I'm hitting the fairway much better and more often, particularly good when using irons off the tee. Only missed one green on a par three so far. I also like the lines for putting, helps me set the club face up correctly. I've had no issues at all with wear. But I'm a 20 handicap so you'll have a better strike than I do.


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