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CRAZY Golf Moments (Part 1)(PGA)

In this video

This video is a golf compilation video with awesome and CRAZY golf moments on the PGA Tour and/or European Tour.

All these clips belong to the PGA Tour and can’t be used for commercial reasons. So all the rights are reserved for PGA. We, at Golftastic, put a lot of effort and hours of work into these compilation videos.

These videos are just for entertaintment purposes. These were never made for commercial purposes. A copyright claim is on this video.

This claim doesn’t affect the channel because we don’t have any problem with the fact that the revenue from the ads (placed by PGA) goes to the rightful owners at PGA.

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  1. What the hell are wrong with these people??? Pick up your ball and move it to the middle of the fairway. If your amigos don't like it they can take you to court.


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