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Cleveland HB Turbo vs. Cobra T-Rail Test | Trackman Testing & Comparison

Cleveland and Cobra are both out with new game-improvement irons this fall and both feature unique, hybrid-like shaping and tremendous performance attributes for mid- and high-handicap golfers.

Cleveland’s release is the HBTurbo, which constitutes the next chapter in what has been a successful iron franchise for the company, while Cobra’s new T-Rail irons represent its first offering of a full iron set like this.

To see how the HB Turbo and T-Rail irons compared, 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell and 2nd Swing staff member Steve Ettel put each to the test using Trackman 4 and then dove into the numbers and discussed sound, look, and feel.


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  1. A 50gram R shaft in the cobra seems very light for a player with an 82mph swing speed, would that flex it and let the face open, giving him all those misses to the right. If he's in sales he needs to start using swing speed instead of ball speed, as you can have a low ball speed but higher swing speed etc due to smash factor

  2. Steve's swing is more consistent than he gives himself credit for. I suspect the rather different shafts may have had an influence on the outcomes and one interesting 'tell' was the spin rate. The Cobra span significantly more than the Cleveland, flying higher, descending more steeply and rolling-out a lot less. Although longer is (sometimes) good, holding the green with the Clevelands would be a lot harder. I was considering trailing a T-rail hybrid (really like the rail concept) but the sound of it is really unappealing. I might look at the F9 hybrid instead. Thanks, good review.

  3. If I understood correctly, not much difference between his own clubs and the ones he's testing.
    So I wonder where is the added value.

  4. I would expect that the Cobra would perform better on grass, especially on difficult lies. Why not test these again on grass with a high handicap player

  5. Shaft performance was not factored in here. It’s possible the Cleveland Miyazaki shaft suited the tester better. Shaft plays a huge part in the performance of how a club performs. Note that he uses a stiff shaft.

  6. Nice comparison between both sets of clubs. But I feel that the T-Rails didn't get to show their full potential by not being used on the turf which is where they may have an advantage over the Cleveland clubs on fat shots and miss hits.
    Maybe there is a part 2 in the works?

  7. Nice vid Guys, I always enjoy club reviews where the tester is a similar age to myself it is then much more relevant to myself and my game.
    I'm certainly not a fitter but the heavier shaft in the Cleveland set seemed to suit Steve more than the lighter shaft in the Cobra. I changed to KBS Tour graphite shafts in my Orka Irons (I'm not sure if they are available in the States) and the increase in weight really helped me tighten up my dispersion and gave me a 5-10 yard increase in distance. Being heavier somehow gave me more confidence to swing faster with the heavier shaft, which seems pretty counter-intuitive but it was definitely a factor.

  8. Guys, great job on the analysis. I am torn between the two. Is it possible that the rails on the Cobra affected the shot, especially off an artificial mat? Presently, I still use the classic 2008 Adams A03 boxer hybrids and still can't find a better club to replace them.


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