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Mental Trick For Putting

Likes: 1 Try this simple mental tip to improve your putting…. source

Time to Make Some Putts!

Time to Make Some Putts! Make sure your speakers are turned on. Just enjoy this  😀 Source


New 5 part video series ‘Back to Basics’. In these 5 videos Chris covers the basics from putting, chipping, bunker play, the swing and the driver. In this first video Chris takes a look at putting, how you should set up to the ball and then offers some methods of practice that can help you […]


PUTTING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS and PRO GOLFERS, Mark Crossfield talks putting tips for golfers from beginners to professionals. Improving your putting and lowering your golf scores is a skill most golfers can improve and work on. Making sure you are using the best golf tips, golf drills and golf instruction to get rid of those […]

Lag Putting Tips | Take the “Hit” Out of Your Stroke for Better Distance Control

Many golfers struggle with distance control on longer putts because they add speed at the bottom of their putting stroke. This usually come from a slight wrist hit or hinge through impact. For better results take practice strokes and feel a smooth consistent tempo and feel the right wrist maintain it’s angle through the stroke. […]

The Golf Fix: The U – Putting Tips & Drills

Michael Breed shows  how to use a U tool to improve putting accuracy and efficiency. source

Improve Your Distance Control when Putting

Improve Your Distance Control when Putting. Part 2 of the lowering your scores series with National Club Golfer Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about distance control and how to lower your golf scores with improved putting. Controlling distance is a key part of good putting and with this simple and easy to follow golf lesson […]

3 Putting Drills You Can Do Indoors – Scratch Golf Tips

We all know not everyone can golf year round, but you practice golf year round! Using these 3 tips during the offseason of just on a rainy day will help you keep your putting stroke fine tuned, so you’ll be rolling them as well as ever when you make your way back out to the […]

Rhys Davies Golf Tips – Putting Drills

GW caught up with Rhys Davies to work on some putting drills. The Welshman focuses on getting your eyes over the ball, striking the ball out of the middle of the putter, and hitting the ball on the up to generate top spin. source

The Best Drill To Improve Putting Distance Control

The best drill to improve putting distance control. In this golf tips video Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor shows you his favorite putting drill the leap frog putting drill. This simple putting drill will help your putting distance control which is a vital component of lowering your golf score. source

Dave Pelz – 3 foot putting

We catch up with legendary golf instructor Dave Pelz on how to practice the 3 foot putts source

Short Putting Tips – Quiet Eye Putting Technique

Short putting tips – quiet eye putting technique. In this video golf tip as part of my short putting tips playlist I show you how quiet eye works to putt better. The quiet eye technique keeps the mind quiet and lets your natural putting stroke get the ball into the hole. source