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How Tiger Woods Hits a Wedge Shot | TaylorMade Golf

Watch as Tiger Woods walks Team TaylorMade through his thought process and feels for hitting a wedge shot with his 56-degree MG Wedge. source

Golf Tip: Simple way to hit a punch shot

A great shot to learn in golf is the punch shot, check out this video on how to master it.For more videos like this go to www.igolftv.com    

Tiger Woods range session for the Memorial Tournament pro-am 2019

Tiger Woods warms up on the range prior to his pro-am at the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide 2019.source


Senior Golf Tips – Stop The SHANK! Peter Dawson, PGA Master Professional & Ryder Cup player gives us a fantastic tip for Senior Golfers to help you get rid of the dreaded SHANKS! source

Easiest Swing in golf – the simplest way to find your natural grip – by a senior golf specialist

Contrary to the traditional golf pro who looks at grip first, before addressing anything else, we at the Easiest Swing do not tend to fiddle with the grip unless we have to. This is because it makes the golfer feel extremely uncomfortable. So we only intervene if we feel the way he/she grips the club […]

Easiest Swing in Golf, How to improve your Rhythm, Senior Golf Specialist

An explanation and some exercise to help golfers understand and improve rhythm. source

Fixing Slices and Hooks on the Range | Tommy Fleetwood’s Driving Range Tips

Tommy Fleetwood offers up a tip on how best to fix slices and cure hooks and best to make use of time on the range. source

Your Ultimate Driving Range Session | Rick Shiels Tips | Golf Monthly

Watch Golf Monthly Top25 Coach Rick Shiels share his ultimate driving range practice tips, including how to split up your session and what drills you should do to improve your game source

The Best Way to Warm Up Before a Round | Tommy Fleetwood’s Driving Range Tips | Golfing World

Tommy Fleetwood provides an insight into his and other pros pre-round routines on the driving range. source

My Game: Tiger Woods – Episode 1: My Practice

In the debut episode of My Game: Tiger Woods, the 15-time major champion takes you behind the scenes of his practice routine and reveals how it has changed as his career has evolved. source    


So I have been asked loads in IG and in life on how to catch the ball on the back your wedge so here is my best attempt on how to explain it! source

Golf: High Shots

Golf: High Shots – golfing expert Rickard Strongert explains how to play high, which is invaluable when you need to get over something in your golf game. View at DailyMotion
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