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With mates like this…

With mates like this on the golf course you know where you stand  😆 Source


How not to caddy for a Pro golfer 🙂 source

Golf Prank #7

Golf expert seduces women into trying their golf clubs and then throws through a police cruiser windshield by mistake. Cowardly as he is, he leaves the women to fend for themselves against an angry police officer. source

Golf Prank #10

Gushing Water Pipe On Golf Course source

Golf Prank – Remote Controlled Golf Cart :)

Automated Golf Kart – enjoy the looks on the golfers’ faces 🙂 source

Mystic Boarding Golf Bag Joke

Mystic Boarding GolfBag Joke source

“The Office” Star Pulls Off the Ultimate Golf Prank | Golf Digest’s Shanked!

Brian Baumgartner stars as Kevin on “The Office,” but today he’s taking on the role of prank master. Watch the actor as he pranks an unsuspecting golfer with a runaway golf cart. Shot at Twin Oaks Golf Course San Diego, CA, source