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Golf Peak Performance Video

This subconscious conditioning video is designed to condition your mind for success on the golf course. Simply by watching this video with a relaxed mind, it will saturate your subconscious mind with positive images, affirmations, and subliminal messaging to help you golf at a higher level. The results of this video are cumulative in nature […]

Sieger Golf Thoughts on PRACTICE

Lesson of the Mental Game of Golf – how to make your golf practice really count source

Golf Thoughts on ATTITUDE

Video Lesson. Robin Sieger on The mental game and how your attitude affects your game source

Mental Trick For Putting

Likes: 1 Try this simple mental tip to improve your putting…. source


I bet you have played with someone who is better than you and noticed how well they chipped or drove the golf ball. If you haven’t you may of watched a golfer on tv, like Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Gary Player or Lexi Thompson and likes something they did with their golf game. In this […]

Mental and Physical Challenges: Getting OVER, not IN Bunker

In this golf lesson video, we’ll talk about the short game specifically. Why do golfers hit into, instead of over bunkers, water hazards, etc.? It’s important to focus on where we DO want the ball to go. source    

On Course LESSON With SERGIO GARCIA | Me and My Golf

On Course LESSON With SERGIO GARCIA – In this weeks Impact Show, we were invited down to Wentworth and given the opportunity to walk a hole with 2017 Masters Champion Sergio Garcia. While walking the hole, Sergio will give us an insight into his course management and the mental side of his game! source   […]

Course management 2.0

The quickest way to lower your scores is though better course management. This is course management 2.0. Here is the updated version of my course management strategy. The previous video’s were from 2016, but the core principles remain. This is exactly how I found out where I really could pick up shots from once I […]

Mental Toughness in Golf: ACTION, CHOICE, SKILL

Dr. Kays breaks down the meaning of “mental toughness” in golf. We talk about it all of the time, but few golfers define and own it. source    

Matchplay tactics: The keys to dominating your opponent

Do you have any tactics when playing matchplay? In his latest game management video, elite golf coach Dan Whittaker takes us through the sorts of things you should be thinking about when taking on your opponent in matchplay. source    

My Game: Tiger Woods – Episode 1: My Practice

In the debut episode of My Game: Tiger Woods, the 15-time major champion takes you behind the scenes of his practice routine and reveals how it has changed as his career has evolved. source    


Director of Instruction at the TruGolf Academy Jon Watts talks you through how to hit more fairways and greens by focusing correctly. Pick specific targets and stop mental errors by only focusing for short periods of time! source