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Golf Peak Performance Video

This subconscious conditioning video is designed to condition your mind for success on the golf course. Simply by watching this video with a relaxed mind, it will saturate your subconscious mind with positive images, affirmations, and subliminal messaging to help you golf at a higher level. The results of this video are cumulative in nature […]

Sieger Golf Thoughts on PRACTICE

Lesson of the Mental Game of Golf – how to make your golf practice really count source

Golf Thoughts on ATTITUDE

Video Lesson. Robin Sieger on The mental game and how your attitude affects your game source

Mental Trick For Putting

Likes: 1 Try this simple mental tip to improve your putting…. source

One-Hour Golf Workout | Level 2 with Brent Bishop

Jump right into this challenging full-hour workout that’ll improve your golf performance – or get non-golfers in great shape! Need to adjust the difficulty of the workout? • Try level 1 first if you haven’t! • Team members are each demonstrating a different Mod level of difficulty, from 1 to 3 – adjust up or […]

Lower Body Relief | Golf Yoga with Aimee

We use so much lower body for golf. Lower body is a source of power & accuracy as well. Let’s stretch & strengthen our lower body through yoga session with me! source

Golf Yoga Flow: Chair Flow

Golf Yoga Flow – made to look deceptively simple as usual…. source

Yoga for Golf – pre-round warm up – 30 minutes

Join me in my garden for a golf warm-up! In 30 minutes, we prepare the body and mind for a great round of golf. We will pay special attention to the thoracic spine, allowing us to reduce tension, improve our shoulder turn, and play with ease. We will also prepare our ankles, hips, hamstrings, gluts, […]

Power Yoga for Golf

Aimee puts you through an apparently “simple” set of moves… Power Yoga by Golf – 16 Apr 2020 source

Lower Body Yoga for Golfers | Golf Yoga with Aimee

Lower body is so important for golf. This means you will use your lower body a lot! If you want to swing consistently and create power, you have to stretch & strengthen the lower body. Today I will show you a simple routine to help relieve golf muscles! Always consult your doctor before starting any […]

Justin Thomas Drill

Work on your stability and mobility with this tip from Justin Thomas. 💯 Source

Golf Fitness Series: Tip 7 – Back squat

In the seventh tip of a new 30-day fitness series with The Fitting Rooms, London Bridge, we look at the best ways you can prevent injury from golf, as well as the best exercises and drills you can do to strengthen the core and how to harness power in the swing. Check out the full […]
Stress Free Golf Swing