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Brooks Koepka Tries to Hit the Green on a 367-Yard Par 4 | Superhuman

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PGA Tour golfer Brooks Koepka has one of the fastest drives in the PGA and has been recorded at speeds as high as 128 MPH. Golf Digest challenges him to drive the par 4 17th hole at Floridian National Golf Club from every tee box, the final of which is 367 yards away.

Too far?
[Man] Yeah.
(dramatic music)
Let’s see how far we got.
, probably seven-iron for most people, but
we’ll hit nine.
(classical music)
Oh, hang on wind.
Yeah, not too bad.
[Man] One yard short.
One yard short?
Be good.
[Man] Two yards on the green.
All right, not bad, not too bad.
Let’s see how far we got here.
, the last one was easy enough,
so we’ll just skip the one right in front of this.
Let’s see if we can get this four-iron there.
Ah, just short.
Oh, go in.
Do it.
[Man] Wow.
Just grip it and rip it.
That’s all you gotta do.
Well this is , so I’m gonna go further back.
All right, , that’s a smooth driver.
That was really bad.
If only if it was this easy on the PGA Tour,
just to reload.
Oh, hang on.
Think I faded it too much.
Too far?
[Man] Yeah.
That’s the same thing.
All right, think small.
(classical music)
Oh go in.
[Man] That is nuked.
Boom, golden.
[Man] You did it.
[Brooks] Thanks, Bro.
That was impressive.
That was impressive.
We still got one more tee box.
There’s one tee box back there you never thought of.
There’s no tees in it.
Let’s do it, come on.
‘s a long way, let’s let this thing go.
That’d be just further right than the other one.
But we can get it there.
We can definitely do it.
(dramatic music)
[Man] That has to be it.
[Man] Wow, that’s gotta be six feet.
Six feet?
[Man] Oh my God.
That’s all I got too, that’s perfect.
This is a pretty good collection of balls.
Is that the one from all the way back?
That’s awesome, no pressure.
All right, you gotta make eagle, right?
Get the putter out.
Done, easy two.
I’m outta here, that’s all I got.

Floridian Golf Club


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