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Best Cheats For Senior Golfers

In this video

Golf Tip – Best cheats for senior golfers . Alistair Davies golf shares with you how to maximise the way you play.

There is included some great cheats to get around mobility issues.

Alistair Davies, Advanced Fellow of the PGA,
Coach to 10 National Champions
Coach to 29 County Champions
County Coach to 12 County Squads
Coach to 3 Lady Tour Professionals
Trackman Master Coach
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  1. Great video! Although I recognize some of the content, nobody has explained it as thoroughly as you have. IMO if course. Anyway, I see exactly what and how I need to attempt my swings at these 3 different clubs. Thank you for showing all 3 different swings to perform, as most others would show 1 or maybe 2 and leave me trying to incorporate the wrong ideal into what are 3 different modes of a senior draw type swing. I really felt like I "Got" it, and can't wait until I try it tomorrow at the range before an early morning 9 holes. Keep up the good work! Worth noting, gotta wonder how many golfers are missing out on this type of instruction because "Senior" is in the title? Alot , I'm betting. Maybe all senior vids should be labeled "A shaft" instead?

  2. If you wish to understand golf swings in details, you will learn about the techniques and tricks of correct golf swings through the “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). The guide’s basis for its advices are the tactics and secrets of skilled golfers from world events. Midway down the tutorial and I`m pretty amazed. Right after knowing the techniques, I tried it right away and I scored low 80s rounds three times consecutively. .

  3. I acquired these golf swing tricks “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it), read it in a single night, and the following day at the driving range put it into practice. I was quickly taking correct divots with my irons, appropriately after solid impact. I was hitting about 10-15 yards farther with my irons than I was used to. Check it out yourself!. .

  4. This particular tutorial “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) launched me Golf swing lessons. They use crucial information such as your arm length, height, shoulder width, and club length to create a design suitable for you. The modules have been very useful, allowing me to lower my handicap from a twenty two to a 15 in the last year.. .

  5. That was a great instruction. What is the link to where I can send you my swing? I’m just getting over a little accident but I should be able to send you my swing in May. Thanks!!

  6. Thanks: really appreciate any tips for senior golfers! I actually have been doing some of this through trial and error, so it’s great to see a pro show me how to really do it.

  7. Excellent video, since I reached 50 my shoulder mobility is really limited and find it difficult to get the club up high, however my spine mobility is still good , so getting behind the ball should be ok .

  8. Appreciate your interest in seniors….a big segment of the weekday players. Excellent instructions, as always. I do not think of left heel off the ground. I found that by getting my right hip back/up and out of the way in the backswing, together with turning and gradually raising my rib cage….it happens automatically. Your explanation of having depth is right on and needed for us with less flexibility. The .25 second downswing is on auto drive because of what happened before it. Thx. Tom

  9. Thanks Alistair , very useful . The only problem I've got is a fused right ankle , which means I can't finish on my right toe . I get stuck with the foot flat on the floor. It's really meant a large distance loss ,and huge handicap increase . (11 four yrs ago, 18 now !!)


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