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How to get out of sand traps – Danny Maude takes you into the desert to give you the ultimate bunker lesson.

Whether you want to learn how to get out of bunkers from soft sand, hard sand or would love to learn how to play downhill and uphill lies Danny covers it all in this weeks golf lesson.

As is Danny’s way the bunker tips are really simple and with a little practice you will be flopping every shot out like Tiger Woods and Jason Day in no time 😁


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Comment (21)

  1. Good Morning, Danny…To the Quik: Golf is more than "Life on Another Planet"! @ O:01!
    To the Point: My "Golf Style" is [Gravity Free] using an [Equilibrium & Rest] System.
    It's Fun. It's Easy to Learn. But, most of all, it's almost Effortless! Great [Balance]!
    Value: instead of a Pro Practicing [10 Hours a Day] preparing for a Major…he needs only [Two (2) Hours]!
    Lots more time for [Running, Skilled Exercises & Putting]. Great job, Danny! (Arid Weather Conditions permitting).

  2. Danny, you mentioned at the beginning of the video about the difficulty of playing out of bunkers that have very hard sand. Would it be possible for you to do a video on this specific challenge at some stage as here in Australia our bunkers are getting harder by the month and sometimes it's like trying to hit of a had dirt base. Thanks.

  3. Me: Honey I’m off to go practice my bunker shots. Wife: But why did you pack a suitcase? Me: well, I’m gonna practice in Dubai!
    What a great place to practice Danny. Enjoy your stay!

  4. Hello Danny, your position with a club very flat is very different than your position in the video of june 2016 "how to play bunker shot" is it because the desert sand is very soft and thin , and much more difficult than a hard and heavy sand ? Thanks a lot for your lesson

  5. Hi Danny, nice setting idea, the desert! Now that you showed how to get out of the bunker, could you explain how to manage the distance? Or is it simply through practice? My ball usually tends to go past the green… to other bunker behind!!!

  6. Really enjoying your videos Danny, took me 5 tries to get out a bunker last week – they fill me with fear! I'll practice these tips and hope too see an improvement. By the way, maybe try a little sun tan lotion on those legs, looking a bit sunburnt there!

  7. Hi Danny, great lesson. Question, is how in the hay did you end up in Dubai? Did the sheik or someone fly you down in his Lear Jet, haha? Well you look like you enjoyed taking your shoes off in the sand. Looking Good Danny!

  8. I play out of crap bunkers, hard wet sand. All the bounce of the club does, is just that. It bounces off the hard sand and this results in a thin strike with the ball shooting off 50 meters the other side of the green.
    How about a tutorial on playing different quality bunkers?


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